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Deer Park

Installation Proposal

Before the urbanization in 1837; farmland, low-rise constructions and racetrack surrounded the neighbourhood of Deer Park. By 1930, the community of Deer Park was a well-established commercial and upscale residential district. Open area and grassland being replaced by new contemporary high-rise buildings.

The series of five paintings depicted the disappeared nature. It reminds us the modernization has destroyed some of the natural landscape and wild life lost their home.

We only see the benefit of urbanization, however the COVID-19 pandemic raises the consideration of de-urbanization and consequences of “compressed development”.

Title: A Touch of Memory

Mix media: Five acrylic paintings on Baltic Birch cradled panel, each 36" x 42"

Deer images painted on tuff-back paper or laser cutting on plywood

Wall size: approx. 17 ft. x 5 ft.

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